Our Client Testimonials

Dr. Tony Sehon M.D.


This letter is to recommend in the highest possible terms MJM Opticians in downtown Vancouver. As a physician, I am always looking for the best in clinical service. I am a contact lens wearer as well as a wearer of regular glasses and sunglasses. My prescription is difficult to accommodate; however MJM and specifically Jane and Michael have done an outstanding job providing the very best clinical service and fitting me with very attractive glasses and a great fit for my contact lenses. I have gone only to MJM since 1980 as I have been so impressed with their attention to detail, their professionalism and their wonderful office staff. Indeed I have recommended them to my physician and dentist friends who have had similarly great experiences. I would be pleased to provide further information if requested. Sincerely,

Anthony Sehon MD
FRCPC LMCC Clinical Professor Faculty of Medicine UBC

Briony Reid

My letter is sent to Michael, Jane and Sonja with HUGE thanks for helping my sister have her life back! She's an artist and over the last 2+ years has been struggling with bad advise and service in getting the prescription she needed! Imagine the frustration for one so used to a world of visual sensations and not being happy with her sight! Once we brought Robin to MJM things changed! WIth Michael + Jane's suggestion we met with Sonja and from that moment on Robin (and I!) felt secure in her hands! The result of her careful fittings and in consultation with both Michael + Jane she decided on using the prescription the way she knew it would work for Robin - and it did! THANK YOU!! I will always remember when I came to Michael (highly recommended by Dr. Dubord) having been told that I could never wear contacts again ... that was over 10 years ago and I have perfect vision now thanks to Michael and his careful fittings and adjustments! You are all the best! It's such a wonderful thing to know that you are taking care of us! With our thanks, Briony Arkell Reid and Robin Arkell

Garth Findahl

In 1997 I discussed with my ophthalmologist mono vision contact lenses. After our discussion I decided that monos were the contact lens concept which I wanted. She recommended a number of optical personal. One of her recommendations was MJM optical, whom I chose. I have found that the service provided to me by Michael has been outstanding. I put my monos in on waking and do not remove them until I go to bed. My non-dominant eye is corrected for near vision, and my dominant eye is corrected for distance vision. I enjoy being able to see and read without the use of glasses. The checkups done twice a year are great and necessary. Michael makes adjustments as required. On a recent visit to my ophthalmologist she wrote “Please continue to provide contact lens for monovision and make any appropriate adjustments”. Who needs any further recommendation?

Garth A. FIndahl

What a Relief to Have Found MJM

MJM to the rescue

I had a cornea replacement surgery in 1984 and afterwards I was in need of a contact lens to correct my vision in my left eye. I spent a frustrating few weeks visiting a number of optometrists trying to get fitted with a contact but without success. Then I found MJM Contact Lens Specialists. After my initial meeting with Jane she immediately sensed my frustration, but she quickly assured me that I could be fitted with a contact lens as they had been able to help others with similar conditions. True to their word after a week trying a few different lenses we found one that was perfect for me. I was once again able to see clearly. What a relief I had my 20/20 vision back! I have relied on their expertise ever since for all my contact lens needs. Michael and Jane of MJM are professional contact lens specialists who have the experience, knowledge, and patience to provide me with the best in eye care. Thank you MJM!

Giovanni Piovesan, Vancouver

Jeff Smith’s Endorsement

Thank You MJM!

After I had corneal eye transplants, on the recommendation from my eye surgeon, I looked to MJM for help in seeking better vision. I have now been a customer of Michael and Jane from MJM since the 1980’s. At that time, few if any contact lens specialists were able to successfully fit lenses for Keratoconus patients. With their patience and expertise they were able to help me tremendously. They are professional, empathetic, and caring expert specialists that have treated me with utmost courtesy, care and attention that has produced incredible results. Recently, I have been part of a trial with MJM to improve comfort and vision for corneal transplant patients using a newly designed scleral lens. The result has been truly remarkable. For me it is transformative. I can see clearly and with comfort like I once did when I was young. For this, I am truly thank-full for the hard compassionate work of MJM.

Jeffrey Smith, Duncan, B.C.