Eye and Vision FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

Q: Do I need a referral?
A: No you do not need a referral but we do prefer that you have a current prescription. Although we are Refracting Opticians, we prefer that you have a complete eye health examination prior to commencing a contact lens fitting. ( within 2 years )

Q: Do you also fill eyeglass prescriptions?
A: Yes we do, many of our clients have complicated contact lens needs which also means they usually have complicated eyeglass needs. We have extensive experience in fitting and supplying eyeglasses for the complicated and the easy alike.

Q: Can I wear make up with contact lenses?
A: Yes you can but here are some tips to help;

Makeup Application Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Makeup contamination can make contact lens wear difficult. Many cosmetics readily find their way into the tear film or onto contact lenses, resulting in discomfort, deposition, decreased vision, and/or infection. There are several application methods that can help make contact lens wear more successful.

Apply mascara beginning at the middle of the eyelashes; starting at the base of the lashes can lead to clogged Meibomian glands. Avoid “lash building” formulations because they are more likely to cause flaking.

Refrain from applying eyeliner directly onto the eyelid margin. Not only will this clog the glands, which can result in dry eye, hordeola, or chalazia, but it also can lead to makeup entering the tear film and depositing on the contact lenses. Place it above the base of the upper eyelashes and below the base of the lower eyelashes.

Be careful with facial powders, powdered blush, and eye shadow. Use them sparingly and close the eyes while applying them.

Apply perfumes and hair sprays prior to inserting contact lenses; or spray with eyes closed, then step out of the way of the mist. These chemicals adhere to contact lenses and are difficult to remove.